Assam: Government will give scooters to schoolgirls and an allowance Rs 100 per day

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Guwahati, January 04, 2021: Assam Education Minister Hemant Biswa Sarma said that his government would give scooters and financial allowance to the girl students to ensure that they regularly attend schools. Each student will be given Rs 100 on a per-day basis. Girls will be able to use this amount for school expenses. Hemant Biswa Sarma made a big announcement regarding this in a press conference on Monday that his government will now give scooters and allowances to school girls.

This scheme has been announced to ensure that girls do not leave school due to lack of facilities. In Assam, this scheme existed earlier too but in another form. The Assam government was distributing 22,000 two-wheelers to girls up to class 12 till now. The government gives two-wheelers to girls who pass through the first division in the state board. Now, the government has announced that all the students will be given scooters. But the condition is that the girls have to pass 12th from the first division. Assam government will spend Rs 144.30 crore on this policy.

Declaration of financial aid

Financial assistance scheme for girls is yet to be announced. The Assam government will announce it by the end of this month. Hemant Biswa Sarma said that every girl student will be given Rs 100 on a per-day basis. Girls will use this amount for school expenses. Along with this, 1500 rupees will be given to girls pursuing undergraduate courses and 2,000 rupees to post-graduate girls.

The plan was halted due to the pandemic

The Education Minister said that he had made up his mind to start the scheme last year, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it couldn’t be implemented. Sarma attended a bicycle rally in Guwahati on Monday where he distributed scooters to girls. Schools in Assam had been closed since the last 10 months but reopened on January 1. Students took part in the program of bicycle rally on Monday.

Madrasa will be closed

Recently, the Assam government announced that the Madrasas running for years will be closed and they will operate like other schools. The government will also close Sanskrit schools later. There are plans to close government-funded madrasas. A few days ago, a bill to close madrasas was also passed in the assembly session. Hemant Biswa Sarma had said that there will no longer be religion-based education in the state and every institution will run like the common schools. However, teachers or non-teaching staff associated with these institutions will not be removed.

15,000 students to get scooters in February

Hemant Biswa Sarma arrived at a government function. In this program, last year, bikes were distributed to the students who had passed in the first class. In this program, 948 girl students were given two-wheelers while more than 15,000 girl students would be given two-wheelers in February. The minister said that the government will continue to give two-wheelers to the girl students even if one lakh students pass the first class inter. He said that in 2020, 22,245 students had passed the first class inter. The government will spend Rs 144.30 crore to give bikes to these girl students.