Automated Software Testing: Need of the Hour

·         80% Software Testing professionals in India are yet to become Automation Specialists

Pune, 27 Feb 2017: The demand for the Automation Specialists in the field of Software Testing is increasing across the globe. If the manual software testers fail to acquire this new skill, they may lead to absolution.

Globally, the software testing industry amounts to 32 Billion $ out of which 20 Billion $ is dependent on Indian professionals. Now, worldwide automated software testing has become a trend to improve efficiency and productivity.

“India has about 5 to 6 lakh software testers out of which 80% are manual testers. They must upgrade themselves as Automation Specialists with the help of new technology to grow in their career path,” informed Franz Fuchsberger, co-founder, Tricentis.

Tricentis is an Austrian company that has developed the automated testing tool named TOSCA. This tool has been used by 400+ Blue Chip enterprises in the world. With the increasing demands for automation specialists, the company has seen approximately 65% growth in the past two years.

On June 29, 2016, Tricentis formed a partnership with SEED Infotech, a leading IT training institute in India. Under this partnership, they have created excellence centre at Pune and are providing the TOSCA certification training in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc. In the last one year, they have trained over 300 Testing Professionals to become Automation Specialists. They have also provided training to 200 freshers pursuing the diploma in software testing at SEED. 

“We are determined to create at least 6000 TOSCA certified test automation specialists this year. The number of manual testers in India is huge and soon all of them must become automation specialists. It will not only open new avenues for the testing professionals but also lead to skill upgradation. This upgradation results may lead to salary hike of about 22%,” said Narendra Barhate, Founder & CEO, SEED Infotech.

Barhate also informed that SEED Infotech will also target South East Asian countries and Middle East to provide TOSCA training.