Bavdhan: Bad Roads, Potholes, No Street Lights, Hazard for Commuters; Civic Authorities Blame COVID 

Bavdhan Potholes
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, October 21, 2020: The one-kilometre stretch from Matoshree Hostel to Gera Isle Royale Society located in Bavdhan, has become a mishap prone area and riddled with several potholes. According to the residents, despite writing to the civic authorities multiple times, the situation has remained the same.

The road in this stretch continues to be plagued with never-ending potholes, clogged water, and on top of that no streetlights. Commuting via the potholes and no lights has become the nightmare of many residents, who wish that they shouldn’t have purchased the houses here in the first place. The area becomes deserted late evening, haunting the residents to even step out of the house after 7 pm. “I have fallen at least ten times by now while riding during the evening hours,” said a female resident of Gera Isle society, on condition of anonymity.

As many as 40 complaints have been filed by the residents to Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Still, no action has been taken. “Even after meeting PMC Corporator Dilip Vedepatil several times, writing letters to the PMC commissioner and district collector, there has been no valid response,” resident Nishi Kaveri told 

Chaos on the road

Another resident anonymously said, “Pune Metro Labor camp has been constructed next to our society with temporary structures. It is causing a lot of problems to our society such as improper garbage disposal, open defecation, heavy vehicle transportation, late-night music and fights, which is a big security issue and a threat to our health as well.” 

The road construction plan was proposed. The project was sanctioned, but the work never started, said a resident of the society. “The only truth here is that residents continue to be challenged with difficulties in approaching the premises owing to unlevelled and disconnected road patches, uneven and untarred road makes it difficult for driving, not to mention the sorrow plight of senior citizens living on the premises. Narrow streets make it difficult for onward traffic to pass-by and require unnecessary personnel deployment to guide on vehicle movements,” said resident Subraminam Kaveri.

No guests, no transportation

Some residents also complained about the guests not being able to visit their homes. “The situation is so bad that we can’t even think of going out of the homes during the night time and for the same reason nobody visits our homes because the area is not safe at all,” said resident Nitin Virulkar. Some residents also complained about the school buses, delivery agents, and cab drivers not accepting to commute via this route.

What do authorities say? raised this complaint with PMC Corporator Dilip Vedepatil, he said, “I’ve put a lot of money on this project– already in the budget, but due to COVID situation, the fund has not been implemented yet. I also have arranged a meeting with other builders for land acquisitions as well in this regard. I assure the citizens that the work will be commenced within one month’s period.”

Assistant Municipal Commissioner of Kothrud-Bavdhan ward Sandip Shinde said, “I’ve sent a team to check the area, but if the budget isn’t sanctioned, and if there are some legal problems there is nothing we can do about this.”

Sharing his thoughts on this issue, Rohit Gera, Managing Director of Gera Developments Pvt Ltd, said, “This issue has caused tremendous inconvenience to the citizens. We’ve been requesting the civic authorities to take necessary action and build safe roads for the citizens. This area comes under the plan of PMC, and I’m glad that corporator Vedepatil is taking this issue seriously.”

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