Bhanzu raises $15M in Series A funding, World’s Fastest Human Calculator accelerates his mission to eradicate math phobia

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India, September 22, 2022: Hyderabad-based Bhanzu, a global math learning platform founded in 2020 by the World’s Fastest Human Calculator – Neelakantha Bhanu, today announced that it has raised $ 15 million in Series A funding led by global investment firm, Eight Roads Ventures. Another global investor, B Capital, also invested in the round. Bhanzu will utilise the funding to enhance its tech infrastructure to create an extraordinary student learning experience and strengthen its math curriculum with more interesting and outcome-focused content.

In Telangana itself, math literacy in students of 5th grade has been abysmally low, dropping to a mere 35 percent in terms of their overall math performance, as per the National Achievement Survey released in 2021. This performance report has been noticed in spite of students having immense potential. Being a Hyderabad native, Bhanu is personally motivated to create a holistic math curriculum that can make students enjoy math like never before, perform better in math, and excel in careers in Science, Math, and Engineering in the future.

Neelakantha Bhanu, the Founder and CEO of Bhanzu, is the World’s Fastest Human Calculator. He has broken the math records of Shakuntala Devi. In the year 2020, he made the entire country proud by winning India’s first Gold Medal at the Mind Sports Olympics. After this, Bhanu founded Bhanzu, which is a math-learning platform that is working towards eradicating the fear of math.

Speaking on this recent development, Neelakantha Bhanu, the Fastest Human Calculator and CEO of Bhanzu said, “I believe that every child in the country is capable of learning math with the right learning methods. My math curriculum helps students overcome the fear of math as well as inspire them to make careers in fields like Science and Engineering. India is a land of Math legends – from Aryabhatta to Ramanujan to Shakuntala Devi, and Indian minds are capable of unimaginable competence.  Bhanzu wants more Indians to realise their true mind potential and math is the best way to achieve this. With the help of Bhanzu math courses, every student can start learning and loving math the right way”  


The company offers learning programs in Mathematics for students between the age of 6-16 years, and helps students become 4 times quicker and better at Mathematics, and more importantly builds the right foundation for students to develop cognitive abilities. Bhanzu’s curriculum is personally curated by Neelakantha Bhanu after expansive data collection and research over the span of 4 years across the globe, which circles around questioning the very foundation of math learning by building a bottoms-up approach.

Bhanzu is solving a large challenge faced by students and is enabling every child an enjoyable math learning experience. Bhanzu has been created to inculcate a love for math with innovative learning techniques and establish itself as the world’s most thought-through holistic math curriculum. Bhanu is a torch-bearer of India in the arena of mental athletics. Promoting math as a fun sport and making it an integral part of the popular mainstream culture is the way ahead to solve the problem of math phobia. And make every child learn math the right way.

About Neelakantha Bhanu – the World’s Fastest Human Calculator

Known as the World’s Fastest Human Calculator, Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash is the Founder and CEO of Bhanzu, an Indian math ed-tech platform aiming to revolutionise the learning experience of math globally. By 17, he broke the world record of math legends like Shakuntala Devi. Bhanu was unstoppable and took a leap further to fructify his exceptional capabilities, beyond the realm of global recognition he received. He became the first Indian and Asian to win the gold medal in Mental Calculation World Championship 2020 at Mind Sports Olympics, London and was celebrated by the President of India, Vice President of India and a lot of other global personalities. As an inspiration to many aspiring fertile minds, Bhanu stepped out of his comfort zone to build a cognitive curriculum that will make learning math more fun and relatable for the students. Bhanu has visited 23 countries, taught 1000+ classes and impacted 2m+ students in a bid to promote math as a sport. Bhanu broke 4 World Records and 50 Limca Book Records in multiple categories in 2014, 2015, and 2016. He won India’s ‘Youth Icon 2020’ by the National Youth Council of India. He also featured in the consumer technology category of Forbes Asia 2022. 30 Under 30.

About Bhanzu

Bhanzu is a math learning platform founded by World’s Fastest Human Calculator – Neelakantha Bhanu.  Bhanzu is a math-learning platform with a meticulously designed curriculum that helps students become 4x quicker and better at math by nurturing their cognitive abilities and building their core math acumen. Bhanzu’s curriculum is personally curated by Neelakantha Bhanu after expansive data collection and research over the span of 4 years across the globe and is built by a bottoms-up approach questioning the very foundations of math learning. The vision of Bhanzu is to build the most thought-through plan using personalised methodology, which builds confidence in students, by enabling them to apply math in the real world. In 2020, Bhanzu was onboarded as the “Official Math Education Partner” to the Government of Telangana during covid-19 pandemic which reached out to lakhs of students across the state through their Project Infinity and Project Math in Lockdown