BJP Put Up Banners About River Cleaning And Beautification In Pune But Has The Work Even Started Yet? – Supriya Sule

BJP Put Up Banners About River Cleaning And Beautification In Pune
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Pune, 15th February 2022: Mula-Mutha river is the most attractive river in the central part of Pune city. However, the condition of the river has deteriorated due to the discharge of sewage, dry waste, etc. Against this backdrop, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has undertaken the project of river cleaning and beautification. Due to this project, some of the roads passing through the river basin will be closed and alternative routes will be provided.

Today, MP Supriya Sule went live on Facebook after seeing the river reincarnation/beautification banners in the city. The project is said to have been approved for the last several years. Being the ruling party in Pune, Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) has put up such banners of the city enriching the river beautification. On the other hand, opponents say work has not yet begun. She was on a tour of Pune and saw this banner and raised the question “has the work started?”

Sule said, “I have been on a tour of Pune city for the last two days. Now, while walking, I saw this poster of BJP near Shahu bridge. BJP has shown photos of the river in three ways. What was the river like before? And after that a picture of what the river will look like tomorrow. But what does tomorrow mean?” It also raises the question of whether any work has been done, or whether the work has even started yet.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) city president Prashant Jagtap said BJP, which has 100 corporators in the municipality, but still there is no sign of the project improvement.


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