“Both of them love me, can’t cheat,” … and thus the young man married two girlfriends under one mandap

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Raipur, January 8, 2021: A strange wedding incident has come to light in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. A young man got married to his two girlfriends under the same wedding canopy. He was in a long relationship with both.


On January 5, 500 guests attended the wedding ceremony. The invitation card and video of this wedding ceremony of Chandu Maurya have gone viral on social media. Chandu says that since both of them loved him, he could not cheat on one. It all started three years ago when 24-year-old Chandu Maurya went to the electric poles in the Tokapal area. There he met 21-year-old Sundari Kashyap. Both fell in love with each other.


The two started a conversation by buying a mobile phone and during this time a plan was made to marry them. After a year, 20-year-old girl Hasina Baghel visited Chandu’s village. She was there to attend the wedding of her relative. History repeated itself. Hasina saw Chandu and fell in love with him. When Hasina expressed her love for Chandu, he revealed that he was in a relationship with another girl, but Hasina talked about having a relationship via telephone.


“Both Hasina and Sundari got acquainted with each other and they had no objection to having a relationship with me,” Chandu told the associate English newspaper Hindustan Times. “We used to talk on the phone and one day Hasina moved into my house.”


At the same time, when Sundari came to know that Hasina was living with Chandu, she did the same. Since then, all three started living in a house like a family. The people of Chandu’s house have two acres of land on which they cultivate. A few months later, the villagers started asking Chandu questions about the live-in relationship. Only after this, Chandu decided to marry the two together.


“Both love me, can’t cheat,” Chandu further added, “I was saddened by people’s questions. I decided to marry both because both of them love me. I could not cheat them. Both of them also decided that they would always be with me.” About 500 people attended the wedding ceremony. Chandu told that Hasina’s family had come for the wedding ceremony, but Sundari’s family did not.


Sundari believes that one day her family members will approve of this union. She said, “Both (parents) are not happy with me, but this will change. Both Hasina and I are happy with Chandu and will always be together. ”