Capturing Essence: ‘Nabz-e-Nazaria’ Photography Competition To Shed Light On Indian Muslims

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Pune, 21st January 2024: In a bid to foster understanding and forge connections between diverse communities, the annual ‘Nabz Eid Special’ has gone beyond the written word. This year, ‘Nabz,’ a prominent publication, is embracing the visual medium through the ‘Nabz-e-Nazaria’ photography competition. The theme for this edition is ‘Indian Muslims,’ aiming to showcase the various facets of Muslim society and culture in India.


Renowned photographers Rafiq Syed, Sudhakar Olve, and Sandesh Bhandare have been appointed as the esteemed judges for this captivating competition.


Diverse Categories, Limitless Perspectives


The competition is open to participants across two categories – Professional and Amateur, inviting both seasoned photographers and enthusiasts to contribute their unique perspectives. Entrants are encouraged to submit up to five original and self-taken photographs, each accompanied by a thoughtful caption.


The Canvas of Indian Muslim Life


Participants are tasked with capturing the essence of Indian Muslims – their daily lives, cultural backgrounds, mentalities, and the profound connection of their heritage with the Indian soil. Through the lens of the photographers, ‘Nabz’ seeks to paint a vivid picture of the vibrant tapestry that is Indian Muslim culture.


A Glimpse into the Future


The stakes are high, as the selected award-winning photographs, along with other notable entries, will find a place of honor in the pages of ‘Nabz – Eid Special 2024.’ This provides a unique platform for photographers to have their work showcased and appreciated by a wider audience.


Recognition and Felicitation


Come March 2024, the names of the prize winners will be unveiled, building anticipation for the upcoming ‘Nabz’ special issue in April. The felicitation ceremony promises to be a celebration of talent, creativity, and the power of visual storytelling.


Submission Details


Entrants are reminded to adhere to the submission guidelines and send their entries before the deadline on 15th February 2024. All submissions should be emailed to ‘Nabz’ at, accompanied by detailed information, including the participant’s name, email, mobile number, and the chosen category of the contest.


Alternatively, participants can utilize the provided online form at to streamline the submission process.


Embracing the Challenge


By participating, entrants implicitly agree to the terms and conditions of the competition, showcasing their enthusiasm for portraying the rich tapestry of Indian Muslim life. The ‘Nabz-e-Nazaria’ photography competition stands as a testament to the power of visual storytelling, fostering cultural understanding through the artistry of the lens.