Central Railway Introduces New Halts on Extended Pune-Miraj Express Route

Train Pune Railway Station
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Pune, 17 August 2023: In a significant development, the Central Railway has extended the 12493/12494 Hazarat Nizamuddin (NZM) to Miraj Express to now include halts at four new stations between Pune and Miraj. The extended route will be effective from August 18, 2023, for trains departing from NZM, and from August 20, 2023, for those departing from Miraj.

The new halts and timings are as follows:

12494 NZM-Miraj Express:

Jejuri: Halt from 19:48 to 19:50 hrs
Satara: Halt from 21:42 to 21:45 hrs
Karad: Halt from 22:37 to 22:40 hrs
Sangli: Halt from 23:52 to 23:55 hrs
12493 Miraj-NZM Express:

Sangli: Halt from 5:02 to 5:05 hrs
Karad: Halt from 6:02 to 6:05 hrs
Satara: Halt from 7:07 to 7:10 hrs
Jejuri: Halt from 8:43 to 8:45 hrs
This move aims to enhance connectivity and convenience for passengers traveling between Pune and Miraj. With these additional halts, commuters will benefit from improved accessibility to key towns and cities along this extended route.

Passengers are advised to take note of the revised schedules and plan their journeys accordingly. The Central Railway remains committed to providing efficient and comfortable travel options for its passengers.

For more information and detailed schedules, travelers can refer to the official Central Railway website or contact railway authorities.