CNG Price Increases Again, Reaches Rs 91 Per Kg In Pune

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Pune, 3rd August 2022: Due to the shortage of local gas and the cost of imported gas, the price of CNG has been increased by Rs. 6 again from August 4.

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The price of CNG in Pune has now increased from Rs. 85 to Rs. 91 per kg. Due to the doubling of the price of imported gas, CNG rates have been rapidly increasing since April. CNG rates were reduced in April due to a reduction in VAT. However, following this, the price of CNG increased in two stages, and it reached Rs 73 per kg. Since then, CNG has increased gradually, eventually reaching Rs.91 per kg. Gas rates have increased by Rs. 29 in merely five months.

Deepak Sawant, Managing Director of Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited. said, “The shortage of local gas continues for the past few days. Imported gas rates increased by more than double in price. As a result, CNG prices are increasing steadily as well. If the gas prices stabilize in the international market, the prices may also stabilize in the country. Since the international market is still not stable, CNG prices are increasing continuously.”

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According to Ali Daruwala, spokesperson for the All India Petrol Dealers Association, the fuel prices in Pune city will be as follows from August 4:

Petrol  Rs 105.91  ( increased by Rs  00.08 per litre )

Power Rs 111. 57  (increased  by Rs 00.08 per litre )

Diesel  Rs 92.43   (increased by rs 00.07 per litre )

CNG   Rs 91.00   (increased by Rs 6rs per kg)