Pune: Youngsters Beaten Up For Drinking At Visapur Fort

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Pune, 3rd August 2022: Under the pretence of tourism, youngsters often indulge in drinking and smoking in historically significant places.

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On one such recent occasion, some young individuals were found drinking at Visapur Fort without maintaining the sanctity of the space and were beaten up by Shiva devotees. Some of these youngsters were also punished and had to perform sit-ups while holding their ears. The group got caught breaking rules while trying to avoid other tourists.


Tourists often fail to maintain the dignity of spaces like the fort and disregard the sanctity it holds. The Vedha Sahyadri group has supported this beating, stating that the sanctity of Gadkillas should be maintained. Numerous tourists from across Maharashtra, including Mumbai and Pune, often visit the Visapur Fort. While many know of the norms that need to be followed during these visits, some are seen deliberately disregarding them.

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The Vedha Sahyadri Group has appealed to visitors to refrain from engaging in activities that overlook the estimation of the space, like hosting parties, dancing to songs, drinking, or creating general havoc.