Content Creators Gather to Promote Voting Awareness in Pune; Punit Balan Urges Participation

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Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 18th April 2024: Highlighting the pivotal role of an informed electorate in shaping the nation’s future, Punit Balan, Chairman of the Punit Balan Group, rallied content creators to champion the cause of voting awareness, starting with Pune and extending across Maharashtra.

Balan’s call to action resonated strongly as he convened the ‘One Click, One Vote Can Change the World Creators Meet’ in Pune. Addressing the city’s content creators, he underscored the potential of their platforms in amplifying civic engagement and driving voter participation.

The event drew an enthusiastic response from Pune’s content creators, with notable figures such as Mahayuti’s Pune candidate Murlidhar Mohol and acclaimed writer, director, actor Pravin Tarde in attendance.

In a digital era dominated by social media, Balan emphasized the importance of leveraging these platforms responsibly. “Content creators hold the key to spreading awareness about elections and voting,” he remarked, stressing the transformative impact of informed citizenry on national progress.

Encouraging citizens to exercise their democratic right, Balan urged them to turn out in large numbers on election day, underscoring the significance of active participation in shaping the country’s future.

Echoing Balan’s sentiments, Mahayuti candidate Murlidhar Mohol highlighted the potential of social media in facilitating direct communication and addressing community concerns.

Renowned writer-director-actor Pravin Tarde pledged his support to the cause, recognizing content creators’ ability to engage audiences and drive social change. “By harnessing their creativity to promote voting awareness, content creators can make a significant contribution to the nation,” Tarde affirmed.