Corona Virus  : Central Railway takes comprehensive measures, isolation wards created at railway hospitals

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Mumbai, March 12, 2020 : Central Railway has geared up its entire machinery in a big way to take comprehensive measures on prevention of Corona COVID 19 virus infection.

The situation is being constantly monitored and coordinated at all levels on Central Railway. Control rooms have been set up and the staff has been sensitized and educated about the subject. The collaboration and coordination with the concerned health authorities is also being ensured.

Following action has been taken by Central Railway for prevention of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

a. Information, Education, & Communication (IEC) material (posters and pamphlets) regarding corona virus (COVID-19) have been prominently displayed for awareness of general public in Marathi, English and Hindi languages at railway stations and in trains. Audio and video clips are being played at railway stations to spread awareness. Public announcements are being made at stations and in trains.

b. Railway hospitals at Byculla, Kalyan, Bhusaval, Solapur, Nagpur and Pune have been provided with isolation wards for treating suspected Corona virus cases with availability of necessary protective gears.

c. Medical staff have been advised that if any patient of Corona virus disease is suspected or reported in any of the Railway Hospital/Health Unit, the same will be informed to Railway Board and local health authorities immediately.

d. All medical in-charges of hospitals have been advised to be in constant touch with the respective State Authorities to obtain the guidelines/updates issued on the subject and take necessary detection, prevention & curative measures suggested by such State Authorities.

e. Awareness is being disseminated through various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. and Print and Electronic Media as well.

f. Station staff have been sensitized about corona virus (COVID-19) for necessary action immediately.

Together we can fight Corona virus! Stop the spread of novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)!! Protect yourself and others!!!

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