Coronavirus in Pune delays getting birth, death certificates, PMC says wait for two more weeks

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Indu Bhagat

Pune, June 13, 2020: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) registrar office for birth, death at Kasba Peth ward office is unable to provide birth and death certificates to the citizens because of the delayed tender for data operators. Citizens in Pune have begun flocking to the PMC health department every day to either obtain birth certificates or death certificates. 


Kasba Peth office employees have been asking the citizens to return because they are falling short of staff; especially data operators to facilitate the process of collation and printing. However, they have assured citizens that they can procure their birth and death certificate online (emergency cases only). It will be open for all once everything starts functioning normally. It may take a few months till then citizens are advised to return and wait. The patients who died of Coronavirus COVID19 are yet to have a death certificate in their names.


According to PMC officials, there is no coordination between different departments which has led to the delay. There was no tender in March and then Coronavirus outbreak further delayed the matter. The issue is expected to be resolved in the next two weeks as 16 staffs will be hired soon.