COVID-19 Vaccination: Health of two women deteriorate after getting ‘Covaxin’ in Gurugram

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Gururgram, January 16, 2021: During the vaccination campaign across the country which began in full swing today to end the Corona epidemic, two people have been reported to have faced adverse effects of it after being vaccinated in Gurugram.

The health of one Anganwadi worker and one Asha worker has deteriorated after receiving the “Covaxin” at the center at Palam Vihar in DPSG. Anganwadi worker Anandlata was having trouble breathing due to increased blood pressure. During the observation, his health recovered after an hour and a half of medications from the team of doctors. At the same time, Asha worker was restless. She too found physiological equilibrium after medication.

Both these women were at this center to get their shots of ‘Covaxin’. The clinical trial of this vaccine is underway. The people who were vaccinated at this center are obliged to fill a consent form. However, thus far, there have been no problems with the Covishield vaccination.

‘Covishield’ at five centers and ‘Covaxin’ in one

In Gurugram district, a vaccination campaign is underway in six centers. ‘Covishield’ has been supplied by the Health Department to five centers, while vaccinations are underway at the DPSG School in Chauma. Consent letters are also being filled with health workers.

Significantly, the world’s largest vaccination campaign against Coronavirus has started across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched India’s vaccination campaign against Covid-19 and said that it is the world’s largest vaccination campaign and it shows India’s strength.

In his address to the nation via video conference before the commencement of the vaccination campaign, the Prime Minister said that the vaccine has been sanctioned only after scientists and experts have assured the safety of ‘Made in India’ vaccines.