CREDAI Pune Metro releases a booklet on Water Conservation

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Pune, August 8, 2020: In order to spread awareness and sensitize the developer community, housing societies and general public over the importance of conservation of water, CREDAI-Pune Metro has released a smart booklet titled ‘Every Drop Counts’, which consists of essential steps to be taken to save the wastage of water during day to day chores in societies among other water conservation methods.

The booklet compiled by two members of CREDAI-Pune Metro including Sarvesh Javdekar, Director, Vilas Javdekar Developers and Sanjay Deshpande, Director, Sanjeevani Developers has been distributed among 1000 plus members of CREDAI besides other associations and government authorities.

Several Government officials including Rajendra Mohite, Chief Engineer, Irrigation Department, Vivek Kharwadkar, Metropolitan Planner and Chief Engineer, PMRDA and Aniruddha Pavaskar, Chief Engineer, Water Supply Department, PMC among others have shared their technical knowledge in the booklet, which focuses on answering certain queries on water availability, its cost and alternative sources of water in Pune or why maintaining Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is beneficial for saving the cost of water and what is its performance parameter and how can one reduce or achieve zero wastage. The booklet while laying emphasis on the importance of installing a RainWater Harvesting system in the societies provides information on the various products available in the market like Low Flow Aerators, Digital Water Meters and Online Water Quality Monitoring System that can help one reduce, reuse and recycle water. Through this booklet, CREDAI-Pune Metro accordingly provides guidance to all housing societies over conservation of water.

“Water is a precious natural resource which is available freely and hence it is one of the most wasted resources. I appeal all members to look into the matter seriously and implement Rain Water Harvesting Process for ongoing and proposed projects and also convince the home buyers and housing society members in maintaining STP, which is cheaper than purchasing water as explained with statistic in the booklet,” said Suhas Merchant, President, CREDAI-Pune Metro.