deAsra Foundation to help entrepreneurs go digital

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The new offering from deAsrato help entrepreneurs develop a comprehensive online presence for their startups

Pune, 4 April, 2017: deAsra Foundation, a not-for-profit association that supports entrepreneurship among enterprising individuals, has added another service to its portfolio that promises to give identity and visibility to the fledgling startups.DeAsra’s new offering – in association with Chittlesoft– entails building a comprehensive digital identity and tools for startups to connect with other stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

Announcing the launch of the new service, Ms PradnyaGodbole, CEO, deAsra Foundation said,“Having a digital presence is essential part of marketing for any business. Despite innovative offerings with potential to address individuals/societies’ everyday challenges, enterprising individuals – especially from tier 2 cities and tier 3 – often find it challenging to make their presence felt among their target customers and other stakeholders. We feel that a digital presence would give them an effective medium to create visibility and communicate their offeringsto the larger audience. As an organization devoted to the cause of entrepreneurship and strengthening the start-up ecosystem, we continuously explore ways to make things better for entrepreneurs. Our “GO DIGITAL” initiative for start-ups in association with Chittlesoft is another such offering that aims to address the challenge of creating digital presence for entrepreneurs.”

With its GO DIGITAL initiative, deAsra will offer a range/suit of digital packages that will include creation of a 5-page Business Website, 1-year Domain Registration, 1-year Hosting fee, 1 Business E-mail ID (free), a digital Inquiry Form, 1 Facebook Page, 1 LinkedIn page and deAzzle App. The development of the entire suit of services is priced at Rs 25,000. In its introductory promotional offer, the package is being offered for just Rs 10,999. A buyer can get a further discount of Rs 1,000 if the payment is made via the DeAzzle mobile app. Customers can also avail of other services like custom photography, custom artwork & images, content creation, logo or tagline creation etc. at nominal costs. To avail deAsra’ssuit digital services, the customer has to register with deAsra and the deAsra representative will help them identify their digital requirements. Once the customer gives all the inputs to deAsra, the customer will get a functional digital identity up and running in two weeks’ time.

To educate potential customers about the importance of building a professional digital presence and give them the glimpse of its offerings in the digital space, deAsra Foundation has conducted a series of seminars across the city that entrepreneurs had attended and shared inputs that are required for creating digital presence. Over 500 participants were educated about the benefits of taking business online.

With rising penetration of the internet-enabled smartphones and increasing internet speeds, digital is going to be the way forward. Going ahead, the government’s vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy through Digital India initiative will change the dynamics of the Indian economy.Amid growing influence of technology on the way businesses are conducted across the world, it is imperative for first-generation entrepreneurs to have a well-thought digital presence – that includes having a business e-mail, website and profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. – that helps them to reach out to their stakeholders and communicate with them effectively.

About deAsra Foundation:

“deAsra Foundation” is a Section 25 company, a not for profit association formed to contribute to social welfare by enabling entrepreneurship, which will create employment opportunities.

DeAsra’s vision is to support entrepreneurship througha scalable business modelling strategize-risking entrepreneurship to the extent possible

deAsra’s target is to generate 1,00,000 jobs in the next five years, (2015 to 2020) by facilitating the creation of 25,000 enterprises grouped into 250 Business types, with 100 Businesses of each type, each employing an average of 4 people per business. For details, logon to