Delhi To Pune SpiceJet Flight Terrifies Passengers As Emergency Door Part Detaches Mid-Air

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Anaum Shaikh

Pune, 6th November 2023: Passengers aboard SpiceJet flight SG938 from Delhi to Pune on the 5th of November were left in a state of shock and dismay as a section of the emergency door became detached mid-air.

Mehab Qureshi, a passenger, said, “The passenger by the window and I shared alarmed looks. We immediately informed the cabin crew about the incident, but their response seemed utterly dismissive. The cabin crew simply said, “There is nothing to worry about, just avoid touching it!”

He added, “I am unaware of aeronautics but throughout our entire flight, we were consumed with fear and scared for our lives. We chose to not alert the other passengers.”

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The dismissive attitude of the cabin crew further heightened the anxiety and fear among passengers who were seeking reassurance and expected immediate action and a more serious approach to the safety lapse. The casual response raises pertinent questions about the airline’s protocols and their approach to passenger safety.

According to the Spokesperson of SpiceJet, “The emergency door was completely secure . A qualified engineer verified this post-flight. Only the cover on the door assist strap had dislodged from its position. The door was firmly locked as it is on any other flight and could not have opened on its own. The cover is anyway removable. That said, it was put back in place after the flight landed in Pune.”

SpiceJet assured that the aircraft’s safety remained uncompromised, yet the incident has prompted a debate regarding emergency protocols and passenger safety concerns during flights.