Dengue Disease On Rise In Pune; Increase In Patients From July to September

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Pune, 27th September 2022: Seeing the increasing number of Dengue patients, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is regularly spraying medicine in the areas where patients are found.
While the danger Covid-19 has minimized somewhat, a huge increase in Dengue, an insect-borne disease, is currently seen in Pune. Most of the patients suffering from the disease are facing symptoms like fever, body ache, and headache for more than three days are found to be infected with Dengue when tested. Hence, expert doctors are appealing to citizens not to ignore the symptoms of the viral disease for a long period.
General Physician Dr Avinash Bhondve said, “Dengue patients are more in Nadi Kath, Shivajinagar, and Narayan Peth areas in the central part of the city. Among the dengue-infected patients who came in the Outpatient Department of the hospital for check ups, it is seen that students living in the hostel is higher in the number.”
Reportedly, at least two to three new dengue-infected patients are ariving daily. But it is also seen that patients are not requiring hospitalization yet. But it is also advised that patients suffering from co-morbidities must take precautions, he informed further.
Sanjeevan Hospital Medical Director Dr Mukund Penurkar said, “There is an increase in the number of dengue patients. It is also seen that some complications occur in patients with co-morbidity (two or more diseases) along with dengue. So, it is very important not to ignore the symptoms if they appear. After the proper treatment, the patients are getting better.”
Important Measures:
– Care to take that water does not accumulate in the house and surroundings.
-Do not allow water to accumulate in the pots of garden plants.
-Change the water in ornamental plants regularly.
-Do not take medicines without a doctor’s advice.
-Include water and plenty of fluids in your diet.