Dev-Biv’ Calendar To Present Interesting Stories of Old Temples in Pune

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Pune, 5th April 2021: Pune is a city with many interesting and unique things. The cultural history of the temples in the city and the fascinating story behind it is also one of them. Knowing that, Tejas Gokhale, a young man from Pune has put together such interesting facts about the temples under his new brand ‘Khalbatta’ and presented them through a Marathi New Year-like calendar called ‘Dev-Biv’.

The calendar will present stories of several temples including Bhikardas Maruti, Nivdungya Vithoba, Jilbya Maruti, Dulya Maruti, Khunya Murlidhar, Dadhiwala Dutt, Pasodya Vithoba, Sonya Maruti, Patrya Maruti, Sautya Mahsoba, Upashi Vithoba and Visava Maruti and the fascinating history behind them in very few but effective words and illustrations.

Tejas Gokhale has been working in the field of media and animation for the last 10 years. His aim is to present such unique stories in an innovative way under the new brand called ‘Khalbatta’ of his company ‘Creative Splash’.

Giving more information about this calendar, Gokhale said, “I, along with my creative team has created this calendar with an aim of spreading the story of these temples in Pune to the maximum number of citizens in the form of words and pictures. Along with this, as a step towards the preservation of the Marathi language, there are Marathi numbers, Marathi months and Marathi year in the calendar. This calendar has been created for the coming Marathi New Year, that is Gudi Padva, and it will be an April to March calendar like the accounting year.”