District Administration And MSRDC To Assess Land Value Of Pune Ring Road Project

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Pune, 24th June 2021: The Landowners in the Ring road project will be compensated according to the market value on the lines of Samruddhi Highway by Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). A meeting will be held at the Collectorate on Thursday (24th June) to assess the value of land and finalise the rates of lands acquired for this project.


There are two parts of this project, East and West. Land acquisition notification for 46 villages in five talukas namely Maval, Khed, Haveli, Purandar and Bhor was issued on 19 May 2021. Accordingly, the counting process has reached its final stage. Lands must be assessed to compensate project victims. For this, the district collector Dr Rajesh Deshmukh is holding a meeting with officials of Land Records, Agriculture, Forest, Public Works, Water Conservation, Water Resources, Rural Water Supply, and Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran etc. related to this process. The rates will be fixed after discussing the valuation in this meeting.


Meanwhile, 859 hectares of land will have to be acquired for the eastern route for this project. This road is 104.90 km long and this land acquisition will be done in 46 villages of Maval, Khed, Haveli, Purandar and Bhor. 763 hectares of land will have to be acquired for the western route which is 68.40 km in length. For this route, land acquisition will have to be done in 37 villages in four talukas namely Bhor, Haveli, Mulshi and Maval.


So far, the survey of 160 hectares of the area has been completed. The census has been completed in Ghotawade, Materewadi, Ambadwat, Kasar-Amboli, Katwadi villages of Mulshi taluka. The census has been completed in Malkhed, Mandvi Budruk, Verdade, Ghera-Sinhagad, Mordadwadi, Ku Sagav villages of Haveli taluka.


A meeting will be held on Thursday to decide the valuation rate of the lands to be acquired for the circular road. Officials of the concerned department will be present at the meeting and we will start the actual land acquisition after fixing the rates, said Dr Rajesh Deshmukh, the district collector.