Don’t break traffic rules if you want positive police verification from Pune Police

Pune traffic police at Institute of Pharmacy
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Pune, October 7, 2019 : MCE Society’s Institute of pharmacy (Diploma), Azam campus, Camp Pune conducted ‘Road Safety Campaign’ in association with Traffic branch of Pune City Police recently, at Hi-Tech Hall, Azam campus, Pune.

Rajesh Puranik (Police Inspector, Pune police),   Latif Magdum (Hon. Secretary, MCE Society, Pune) & Prof  lrfan Shaikh (Hon. Joint Secretary M.C.E Society, Pune) enlightened the function.

Dr VN Jagtap (Principal, Institute of Pharmacy, Diploma) welcomed  Rajesh Puranik and his team and introduced about campus and institute.  He highlighted importance of Road safety to the students.

Inspector Puranik counselled the students regarding ‘Good Samaritan Law’ to save life of injured person which includes no compulsion to reveal personal information, protection from civil & criminal liability, no demand for pay or detention at hospital, police investigation can be done only once through video conference, reward by state government.

He educated students for using helmet, following the signals, zebra crossings, to help the victims of accidents etc. and talked about difference in the traffic discipline in India and abroad.

He said that traffic police cell is monitoring and maintaining traffic through CCTV placed at different signals. Traffic police cell is maintaining the records of people who are breaking traffic rules, due to which they don’t get No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Police department.

The person who follows the traffic rules and maintains discipline of roads, Pune city police is giving them discount coupons. He showed live demonstration of control room and elaborated topic with his experienced case studies.  Everybody should follow the traffic rules and cooperate with police department, inspector Puranik informed.