DoRBit Foundation distributed school bags to 50 underprivileged students on Independence day

dorbit fondation pune
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Pune, 15th August 2023: The DoRBit Foundation brought smiles and excitement to Godambewadi #2 School on the joyous occasion of the 77th Independence Day. This special day was marked by the unfurling of the flag and a heartwarming gesture that warmed everyone’s hearts.

The village atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as the DoRBit team, packed with enthusiasm and school bags brimming with potential, arrived at the Z.P. School. The tri-color flag swayed in the breeze, its colors reflecting the unity and diversity that define the essence of India. With patriotic pride, the flag was hoisted, marking the beginning of a day.

Imagine this: vibrant school bags, filled with dreams and possibilities, were lovingly handed out to 50 bright young students. Behind this wonderful act were the heroes from the DoRBit Foundation, including the dedicated Abhishek Singh. His efforts were as vibrant as the bags themselves, as he orchestrated the procurement of these bags for the children who needed them the most. With the help of the caring school teachers, the event was a true success.

But the story doesn’t stop there. It gets even more beautiful. A spirited volunteer, Teena Lamror, chose to celebrate her own birthday by being the generous sponsor of these school bags and the reason for joy in the lives of these children. The children’s eyes lit up with gratitude, and they crafted heartfelt thank-you cards for Teena, each stroke of color reflecting their joy and appreciation.

The Head Master, Vaishali Sakpal, and the teacher, Chetna Nehete, expressed their heartfelt thanks to the DoRBit Foundation team. They acknowledged the unwavering support that the foundation had provided not just on this day, but throughout their journey of both the school and its students.

Vipin Mohit Shrivastava, the founder of the DoRBit Foundation, underlined his commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of underprivileged students. He assured everyone that this act of kindness was not a one-time event but a promise of ongoing support to schools in the future as well.