Pune Station Celebrates 15th August with Grandeur

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Pune, 16th August 2023: Pune Station witnessed a resplendent celebration on the 15th of August, marked by fervor and patriotism. The event, spearheaded by Station Director Madanlal, commenced with the flag-hoisting ceremony, symbolizing the spirit of independence and unity. Among the dignitaries present were Station Managers Sunil Dholble and Ajay Sinha, adding a touch of honor to the occasion.

The festivities gained momentum with the enchanting program, featuring a soul-stirring rendition of a patriotic melody by Anil Tiwari. The rhythmic notes resonated with the crowd, evoking a sense of national pride. The event also witnessed the acknowledgment of commendable contributions, as the Station Director personally distributed prizes to those who have made exceptional strides in their endeavors.

The celebration echoed the station’s commitment to honoring India’s rich heritage and progress, fostering a sense of camaraderie among staff and travelers alike. The collective enthusiasm and participation marked a memorable tribute to the nation’s Independence Day.