Eknath Khadse causes Rs 1000 crores of losses to Government to favor ABIL – AAP

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Pune : An order by then revenue minister Shri Eknath Khadse about a prime land in the heart of the Pune city was bought to AAP’s notice. On probing further AAP has come in possession of a number of documents which point towards political clout being used to ignore proof and procedures resulting in windfall gains for ABIL.

A GR issued in 1951 states to transfer the lease of Vijayanagar Cooperative Housing Society at S. No 132B, Bhamburde, Shivajinagar to anyone other than existing members, prior Government permission is required. The GR further states that it is Government policy to claim 50% of the profit in case of transfer of lease.

A deed of assignment / transfer was signed by Mr. Amit Bhosale and others on 29 Oct 2012  (Attached) without prior Government approval & without paying Government nazarana.

An NGO, Bhrastachar virodhi Gandhigiri Jan Andolan, had filed a case against Shri Avinash Bhosale (plot no 2) and Shri Sunil S Patil (plot no 15)  at the Additional Collector’s Court in 2014. An order was passed on 7/7/2015 (Attached) that prima facie the GR was not followed and the Upvibhagiya Adhikari was ordered to investigate the complete matter and initiate action for recovery of Government nazarana.

The NGO filed a caveat on 26/08/2016 at the Revenue Minister’s office stating that no order be passed in this matter without hearing them.

Even before the amount could be calculated by the Collector’s office, an appeal was filed at the Revenue Minister’s office by Shri Avinish Bhosale and Shri Sunil S Patil on  5/1/2016. Despite the caveat, the then Revenue Minister Shri Eknath Khadse called upon only Upper Ayukt and Upper Jilhadhikari to return back with  papers on this matter within 2 weeks. These two officers conveniently did not go back again and assuming that they have nothing to show on this matter, order was passed without hearing the NGO (Attached) staying the Additional Collectors order and in effect causing revenue losses for the Government of Maharashtra.

AAP states that the Additional Collector should be censured for not returning back to the Revenue Minister’s office within the given time. The Revenue Minister, despite a caveat being in place, did not call the NGO to present its case and passed an ex party order in favor of Shri Bhosale and Shri Patil raises serious questions on the order and the intentions of the Minister.

AAP national spokesperson Preeti Sharma Menon said, “AAP demands that like in recent past, the CM had revoked many orders taken by Shri Eknath Khadse, this order should also be revoked, freshly investigated and Shri Avinash Bhosale and Shri Sunil S Patil be made to pay the Government the necessary dues. At the same time, a commission must be appointed to identify all the defaulters Vijayanagar Cooperative Housing Society at S. No 132B, Bhamburde, Shivajinagar and recover the monies due to the Government. If this is done, the state can easily earn its rightful dues which will amount to more than 1000 crores at today’s rates.”