Experts Predict Second Wave Of COVID19 To Reduce By May End; Cases In Maharashtra To Reduce First

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Pune, 30th April 2021: The experts from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), and Hyderabad have predicted that the 2nd wave of Coronavirus will start reducing from the end of May 2021. It will be started from Maharashtra and several patients will be decreased.

The Scholars studied the situation based on the mathematical model named ‘Sutra’. Earlier the 2nd wave has been started in Maharashtra. According to the study, in India, the highest number of patients will be experienced between 14 to 18 May. Thereafter the number of cases will start decreasing gradually. In Maharashtra, this will happen after 15th May. Meanwhile, if people follow the social distancing rule properly it will put a great impact on reducing the number of patients in the country, said the experts.

Speaking about this, a member of the Covid-19 action committee Dr Subhash Salunkhe said, “From the 3rd week of May the Coronavirus wave will start reducing. It will start from Maharashtra as Maharashtra and Karnataka had experienced a higher number of patients in the beginning.”

Biologist Dr Milind Wave said, “As of now nobody can present the exact situation of Coronavirus spread. There is no study regarding why the number of patients decreases from December to February and why it was increased after that and no data available in this regard. So instead of predicting such things, we should focus on what is necessary to do.”


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