Facts regarding dues of water bills of Maharashtra Chief Minister, minister’s bungalows

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Mumbai, Date 24: Water bills of government bungalows of the Chief Minister and Minister have been paid in November -2018 itself. However, the process to clear dues had been stopped owing to difference, which was found in bills cleared earlier and the ones received in May 2019. The Mumbai City Department of Public Works Department has informed that the process to clear these payments is being done immediately after calculating them.

The official bungalows, which are allotted to the Chief Minister and the Minister, is the government property. Therefore, the process of payment of water and electricity supply bills is being regularly. For this, there is consistent coordination between the Public Works Department and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, which is responsible for water supply to these bungalows.

Varsha is a government bungalows of the Chief Minister and similarly the residence of the ministers too government bungalows. In addition to this, the bills of water supply to Sahyadri State Guest House has been paid in November. The remaining dues are being cleared immediately.

In these official residences, apart from the ministers, their employees are also housed in a separate room. It also includes visitors. The payments of Water and electricity bills are issued in the name of the official bungalows and not on any particular person. Hence, it was not right to say bills were kept pending by an individual.