No shortage of funds for the preservation and prosperity of Marathi language : Fadnavis

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Literary Delegation welcomes CM’s decision for Marathi compulsory

Mumbai, Date 24: Digital schools, innovative initiatives lead to a trend towards Marathi schools today. Not only need to save Marathi language, but also it should be increased, made it more prosperous. The funds would not be lacked for this, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said here today.

A delegation of twenty-four union representatives under ‘Marathichaya Bhalyasathi-Marathche Vyaspeeth’ (For the welfare of Marathi and dais for Marathi) met Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis today. The Chief Minister was speaking at this meeting. The delegation welcomed the Marathi language compulsory policy and also congratulated to Chief Minister.

Representatives of the delegation included senior literary activist Madhu Mangesh Karnik, Laxmikant Deshmukh, Kautikrao Thale-Patil, Nagnath Kotapalle, Dada Gore, and actress Varsha Usgaonkar among others.

Chief Minister Mr. Fadnavis said that in comparison with the cost of regional language schools in other states, Maharashtra is the state with the highest expenditure on aided schools. Digital schools and innovative projects have helped to lean towards the Marathi schools today. The children, who have taken admission with other schools of English medium, have returned to the Marathi medium schools through this initiative. There is no lack of resources for school education and in future too, there will be no problem for the same. But at the same time, efforts will be made to enhance quality and maintain the quality in schools. There will be efforts to ensure that Marathi language is not only sustainable, but also it should be increased and make it more prosperous. He said that there will be no shortage of funds for these efforts and efforts will be made to ensure that Marathi language will be developed. For this, positive efforts would be made for the Act, he added.

Minister of Culture affairs and Marathi language, Vinod Tawde said, ‘The government is making all efforts to preserve and promote the Marathi language. Various innovative activities are being implemented for the development of Marathi language. It is expected that the participation in the Marathi Language preservation movement should be increased. The efforts of all of us will be important in achieving the glory of Marathi language. All stakeholders should welcome this.’

During this discussion, discussions were held about making Marathi language compulsory in schools and junior colleges, Marathi education law, elite status for Marathi language, Marathi language building, establishment of Marathi language development authority, and attempts to increase the culture of reading.

At this time, school education minister Adv. Ashish Shelar, MLC Neelam Gorhe, Manisha Kayande, Medha Kulkarni, Hemant Takle, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Bhushan Gagrani were present.