Fahad khan, a freelance fitness trainer from Pune seizes the 6thposition in Amateur Olympia Classic Bodybuilding above 181 cms Plus Category

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Pune, October 2017: Fahad Khan, a freelance fitness trainer from Pune has won the 6th position in Amateur Olympia Classic Bodybuilding above 181 cms Plus Category. He is the only Indian to have won the Competition’s Top 6 Finalists. The other contestants were from countries like Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain. The win by Fahad is undoubtedly a proud moment for India and Pune as this was the first time Olympia’s Amateur Olympia India took place in the country.

Says, Fahad Khan, 6th Winner, Amateur Olympia Classic Bodybuilding above 181 cms Plus Category, “It’s taken me 8 months of strong preparations, diet and workouts for twice a day to get to this level. In 2016 I met with a car accident and suffered with a hairline fracture. It forced me to take a leave from weight lifting for a period of more than 6 months. It was a tough job to come out of that phase as I used to initially get trouble breathing from the previous accident while lifting weights. I had to literally start from scratch as I had bulked before for the other competitions I used to take part in. The last contest I had competed for was Bodypower Expo 2015 where I was in the Top 10 finalists.”

He further adds, All the credit goes to my coach Mr. Umesh Mohite who has competed in lots of National Bodybuilding Competitions and has been a huge pillar of support during this contest preparations

This is the first time that Amateur Olympia series was held in India. The Event took place at Bombay Exhibition Center from 13th to 15th October 2017. Started by the inspirational concept & vision of bodybuilding pioneer and promoter Joe Weider in 1965, besides traditional Men’s bodybuilding, the competition also included Men’s classic bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women Bikini Fitness & Women Physique.

This was also where the first ever edition of Amateur Olympia in India took place which had more than 200 contenders from over 40 countries aspiring to win the title of Amateur Olympia.