Fetus In Fetu: Dead Fetus Removed From Body Of A One And Half-Year-Old Boy

Fetus In Fetu Pune
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Pimpri Chinchwad, 11th March 2021: Doctors from D Y Patil Hospital were successful in removing the dead foetus from the stomach of a one and half-year-old boy. Such incidents happen to one in five million children across the world.

Since birth, the boy was facing a health problem and recently his stomach grew abnormally big. When the parents of the boy rushed him to the hospital, the doctors found out that the boy was having a fetus inside his stomach. It weighed one and a half kg. In medical parlance, it is called ‘fetus in fetu’.

A Nepali woman gave birth to the boy 18 months ago. But the newborn baby always had health problems, abdominal pain, and recently his stomach started growing like a pregnant woman. As the condition became critical, she visited a doctor for treatment.

The paediatrician Dr Shailja Mane after suspecting something unusual carried out the required tests. When the mother was pregnant, she had two fetuses in her womb, one of them moved into the body of another fetus.

Dr Mane consulted a few doctors and decided to carry out complex surgery. During the CT scan and Sonography, the tumour was found near the liver and right kidney of the boy. It was stuck to the blood veins. It was found that the fetus was dead. It was a challenge before us, said Dr Mane adding as “we had to remove it without disturbing the liver, kidney, blood veins and other organs.”

Paediatric department head Dr Pranav Jadhav and his team conducted surgery for six hours before successfully removing the dead foetus.

If the tumour continued to grow inside the baby’s body, it would have proved fatal for his various organs. Now the boy will not have any problem in the future, cleared the doctors.

The tumour continued to grow in the baby’s body after birth, so the baby was not getting complete nutrition. As a result, his health complaints were on the rise. “One in five million children has such a rare occurrence. To date, 200 such cases have been reported worldwide”, said Dr Mane.

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