Final year examination: Pune University to set up committee for evaluation pattern

Pune university SPPU
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Pune, June 26, 2020: An independent committee will be established to recommend the evaluation process for final year students and suggest conduct of admissions to the new academic year and its sessions, announced Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) Vice-Chancellor Nitin Karmalkar at its first-ever held online Senate meeting on Thursday.

The Maharashtra government had recently declared that final year examination for both under-graduate and post-graduate students in professional or non-professional courses has been cancelled, owing to the pandemic condition in the state. However, due to lack of clarity from the university’s side, the senate members present online in the meeting demanded clarification and what is SPPU planning to do further? 

Responding to this, Karmalkar stated that there was a confusion regarding the final year examination, also now the state government has given the option to students to choose whether they want to take the examination or not. Accordingly, arrangements are required to be done. Therefore, considering all of these situations, it has been decided that an independent committee consisting of academic experts will recommend an evaluation pattern for final year examination, as well as review the upcoming academic session conduct including admissions. 

SPPU Budget: The budget for 2020-21 which was pending since March 2020, was also tabled yesterday at the meeting. SPPU’s Management committee member Rajesh Pande announced the budget for this year’s academic session stating the deficit to be Rs 61.24 crore, while the university’s income is Rs 595.14 crore against its expenditure amount of Rs 656.38 crore.