Fire Brigade Successfully Rescues 7-Year-Old Boy Trapped In Lift In Pune

kid trapped in lift in Pune
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Pune, 23rd September 2023: A 7-year-old boy who was trapped in an elevator on the first floor of a six-story building in Urban Solitaire in Gurunanak Nagar, Bhavani Peth, was safely rescued by the fire brigade today. The incident occurred at 09:05 PM, and the rescue operation was completed in approximately twenty minutes. 

A sudden shutdown of the elevator left the young boy stranded on the first floor of the building. A call was made to the fire brigade’s control room, and a fire engine and rescue van were immediately dispatched from the headquarters. 

Upon arrival, the fire brigade team maintained communication with the trapped child to keep him calm. They then proceeded to the elevator room and carried out the necessary technical work to bring the elevator parallel to the first floor. Using a spreader, they opened the elevator door and safely rescued the child.

Residents of the building expressed their gratitude to the fire brigade team for their swift and effective response, highlighting the essential role they play in protecting life and property. 

The rescue team included Fire Control Room Officer Pankaj Jagtap, Driver Atul Mohite, Prashant Makhare, Tandel Mangesh Milawane, and Firemen Chandrakant Gawde, Sudhir Navale, Omkar Bomble, Amar Dighe and Ketan Narke.