Fix Cost Of Vaccines Given By Private Hospitals: Pune Mayor Mohol Writes To CM Thackrey

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Pune, 25th May 2021: Corona vaccination is currently being carried out by some private hospitals in Pune and the different rates being charged at these places have already become a headache for the citizens. Moreover, these rates are being charged up to Rs 1200. Complaints regarding this situation have been received in large numbers.

Therefore, in a letter to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Mayor Murlidhar Mohol has demanded that the same rate should be charged for vaccination by every private hospital.

Mohol said that since the first case of corona disease was found in Pune city, the number of patients has been brought under control by following every rule coming from the government. As of today, the city has vaccinated one million people with the first and second doses. However, due to the non-availability of vaccines, vaccination has to be stopped several times. As a result, the municipal administration and the people’s representatives have to face the wrath of the citizens.

Meanwhile, vaccination has now started in some of the private hospitals. However, government hospitals are still finding it difficult to receive vaccine doses for their vaccination drive. Also, in private hospitals, rates are ranging from Rs 600 to Rs 1200. As a result, citizens have to face undue hardships and complaints have been received in this regard. He also demanded that a uniform rate be charged for vaccination of private hospitals.

Mohol further said, “Vaccination by private hospitals is the only way to help the municipal system. Private centres also have to pay for management and medical expenses. It is my role to make sure that the private hospitals and citizens; both the critical stakeholders are not harmed due to these rates.”

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