FYJC Students Start Online Petition Requesting Maharashtra Government To Start Admissions

HSC SSC Board Pune
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Pune, November 6, 2020: Aspirants/candidates of first year junior college (FYJC) have started an online petition requesting the Maharashtra government to restart their admission process soon. Over 3,800 students have signed the petition on Change.org.

The ongoing pandemic has already delayed the FYJC admissions, additionally, the Supreme Court’s order to temporarily halt the implementation of Maratha reservation has further postponed the Std XI admissions. Worrying about their academic loss, students have started this online petition. Usually, FYJC classes begin in the first week of August every year. However, this time, the admission procedures haven’t been completed till now.  While the November month has begun, Std XI students are still waiting for the notification of commencement of the junior college admissions.

“After the Maharashtra secondary school certificate (SSC) board exam results, the process of FYJC admission started on 11thadmission.org.in website. The first round successfully took place on August 30. But, the second round which was scheduled to take place on September 10 has been temporarily stopped until further notice because of the stay of the socially and educationally backward classes (SEBC) reservation case in the Hon Supreme Court. But, this stay in the admission process is resulting in the delay of admission which is also resulting in the delay for colleges to start,” read the petition.

The petition also stated that already the admissions procedures got delayed due to the COVID crisis. “The more the delay will happen, the more burden will come on us the students to cover up with the portion. So with this petition, I request the Government of Maharashtra, the education ministry of Maharashtra, and the respected ministers to think about the same, to think about the future of us FYJC students restart the admission process as soon as possible,” wrote the student who is a FYJC applicant and started the petition. “Along with me, lakhs of students across the state are suffering who are waiting for the second round. I and my friends who are suffering are having a very down time, we are worried about our studies and admissions,” he stated.

The student also added that the apex court has postponed the hearing about the SEBC reservation for four weeks on October 27, adding to the students’ stress.

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