Game-Changing Software Developed To Safeguard 5G Networks Against Cyber Threats

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Nation, 17th August 2023: In a groundbreaking development, a newly unveiled indigenous software solution aims to fortify the security of 5G networks against potential attacks. This innovative technology, a result of collaborative efforts led by IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation at IIT Madras, promises to proactively detect and thwart zero-day vulnerability attacks, ultimately minimizing network downtime and enhancing nationwide communication reliability.

The intricate nature of 5G technology, with approximately 90% of its components embedded in software, has amplified its potential vulnerabilities. This heightened attack surface, stemming from the integration of cutting-edge technologies like NFV, SDN, and control plane/user plane segregation, necessitates an automated approach for testing and ongoing surveillance to ensure the network’s integrity.

Unlike the prevailing reactive methods that often identify zero-day vulnerabilities post-attack, this indigenous solution takes a proactive stance. By harnessing advanced techniques such as fuzzing and test oracles, the technology can preemptively identify these vulnerabilities before they are exploited, effectively preventing brand damage and reducing recovery costs associated with post-attack scenarios.

The software solution underwent rigorous testing within IITM Pravartak’s state-of-the-art 5G security lab. Ethical hacking was employed to systematically unveil potential system weaknesses, with simulated attack scenarios reflecting various network topologies, feature interactions, and node complexities as defined by the 5G standards set by 3GPP.

Moreover, the solution underwent comprehensive interoperability and security evaluations, involving a spectrum of multi-vendor products. These assessments spanned network packet, binary, and code levels, supplemented by robust code vulnerability scanning. By adopting a holistic approach that encompasses these diverse methodologies, the software solution aims to deploy a pre-emption mechanism that significantly reduces the occurrence of zero-day attacks.

This proactive approach towards minimizing zero-day vulnerabilities carries a cascade of benefits. By mitigating attack surface areas, organizations stand better shielded against ransom demands and network downtime, the latter being especially critical for the seamless functioning of 5G communication networks.