Giving Your Child a Head Start – For Parents of Aspiring Doctors and Engineers

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14 November 2019, Pune- Medicine and engineering are the dream careers for most students in India even today, long after mainstream society abandoned them, declaring them to be cliche and overdone. Even kids who are skilled in areas other than science and math are forced to learn advanced topics so that they can achieve the ultimate goal of being the highest-earning members of society.

             But the fact remains that among the lakhs of children who dream of being a doctor or engineer, only a tiny fraction of them will be successful in having these as their careers. This is primarily because of the neck to neck competition that exists in India, created by the sheer number of candidates that try to pass the National Entrance tests into the premier institutions. It is considered to be common knowledge that unless you get into a top college like the IIT for engineering or AIIMS for medicine, you are not a good enough engineer or a doctor, and you will never be as good as those who got in. This results in a massive national competition that occurs every year, the pressures of which cause countless students to take their own lives. This happens sometimes even before the results are declared or before they have written the entrance exams – because they are not confident enough about their skills and do not want to disappoint their parents.

The never-ending struggle to become toppers in these entrance exams results in teenagers losing the peak period of their lives. The competition is often impossible to handle, and kids who are not competent in fields like biology, chemistry, and math are forced to enter training institutions that drill them into getting used to the terrifying and time-bound tests that constitute the IIT and NEET tests.

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Lakhs of students are fed into the exhausting machinery of Kota training institutions every year, far away from the comforts of their home. Most of these students pay an absurd amount of fees to go to these coaching centers and live in poor conditions because their families can afford little after paying their tuition fees. The depressing lives of these people lead us to ask a serious question. Is it worth sending your kids there if they come out looking and feeling like they are dead inside, with little aspirations for their future after their dreams of becoming a doctor or engineer are foiled?

The answer that any parent would give after realizing the consequences of their decisions to put your children through this would be a firm no. But if your child insists on wanting to go through it themselves, the only thing you can do is to make sure that your child is prepared for it from a young age, without putting their childhood fun in danger.

One way is to tutor them from a young age, bit by bit. The tenth-grade exams are also a big event for most families, the full CGPA an occasion for celebrations. It is also the ideal age to begin coaching your children for the tough future that they have.  If it is easy for you to find a biology tutor for 10th class in Pune, it is safe to assume that you can find excellent tutors in any one of the major cities in India.

Looking online is also a safe bet – sites like Cedarwood provide suitable alternatives to hired tutors that you may not even know. Online courses on websites like Cedarwood give short and detailed classes on subjects that may seem boring to the child but revamped for the modern student.

Ultimately, it is not the aforementioned biology tutor for 10th class in Pune who is going to secure your child’s future, but his or her hard work while preparing for their dream career. But what one must do as ethical and responsible parents is to make the steep path that they have ahead of them easier to handle. This is done best by starting the coaching young and early, with an easy-going tutor, instead of sending them to coaching institutions that are equivalent to purgatory on earth.