Goila recreates mouth watering recipes from AXN’s hit show Top Chef 

Pune, May 11, 2017: Everybody gets to see delicious food being cooked on TV but no one really gets to taste it.  So to give viewers a first-hand experience of delectable and scrumptious dishes, AXN tied up with Nature’s Basket to recreate recipes from the most loved culinary show Top Chef.

People in Pune were treated to a feast when the celebrated Chef Saransh Goila conducted a live Cook Up session at the Nature’s Basket outlet.  

Inspired by AXN’s show Top Chef, where professional chefs compete against each other, he re-created top 3 recipes for the audience to taste – ‘Macrons with Guacamole’, ‘Quinoa Pasta cooked with Zucchini Salsa Verde’ and ‘Jerk Halibut with Mango slaw’.

Chef Saransh displayed the simple techniques used to cook some of the finest dishes and encouraged people to try them out at home. People in Mumbai will also get a chance to try the food from the show Top Chef on and May 11th in Nature’s Basket outlets.

Chef Saransh Goila said,“I started following AXN’s Top Chef since I was a student so the experience of creating the dishes from the show live at Nature’s Basket was very exciting. While it looks easy on screen, when you actually create it live you understand the efforts that goes into preparing it. For me as a chef, it’s always a learning curve to cook somebody else’s recipe.” 

He further adds, “In fact, a few years ago, I got a chance to meet the host of Top Chef – Ms. Padma Lakshmi and we had a great conversation about the show. She is wonderful and makes the Indian audience relate to Top Chef even more.”