Google celebrates India’s historic win against Australia in Gabba, type Indian Cricket Team in the search bar

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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, January 22, 2021: As we all know, Google always celebrates different kinds of occasions and festivals on its search engine. This time, Google has decided to celebrate India’s historic triumph over Australia at Gabba.

When you type ‘Indian Cricket Team’ in the search bar fireworks will go off on your screen. The colour of the fireworks resembles the tricolour of India.

Though India has won a lot of test matches, this one is extraordinary for a number of reasons. Australia had never lost any match at the Brisbane Cricket Ground also known as Gabba for 32 years. In 1988, West Indies was the last country to defeat Australia at Gabba. The Indian cricket team was also missing many of their star players including their captain Virat Kohli. However, our team still managed to defeat Australia in their fortress which made this victory a lot more important.

So, to celebrate and honour the Indian Cricket Team, Google has added these special effects on their search engine. You will be able to view these special effects on any device you are using.

You can type ‘Indian Cricket Team’ on the search bar and enjoy the fireworks blowing up on your screen and going off in different directions.