Google Removes 17 Apps For Stealing Money; Check Out These 17 Malicious Apps

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Mumbai, 30th July 2022: Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world but it has always faced serious issues related to privacy and data security. Recently, Google removed 17 apps, which were stealing money from the device.

According to a report by Trend Micro, a security research firm, these apps were stealing users’ banking credentials, PINs, passwords and any other information related to online banking apps.

These apps have a payload containing malicious apps that get installed on the phone.

Below is the list of 17 such apps, which are extremely dangerous:

1. Call Recorder APK (com.caduta.aisevsk)
2. Rooster VPN (com.vpntool.androidweb)
3. Super Cleaner- hyper & smart (com.j2ca.callrecorder)
4. Document Scanner – PDF Creator (com.codeword.docscann)
5. Universal Saver Pro (com.virtualapps.universalsaver)
6.Eagle photo editor (com.techmediapro.photoediting)
7. Call recorder pro+ (com.chestudio.callrecorder)
8. Extra Cleaner (com.casualplay.leadbro)
9. Crypto Utils (com.utilsmycrypto.mainer)
10. FixCleaner (com.cleaner.fixgate)
11. Just In: Video Motion (com.olivia.openpuremind)
12. com.myunique.sequencestore
13. com.flowmysequto.yamer
14. com.gaz.universalsaver
15. Lucky Cleaner (com.luckyg.cleaner)
16. Simpli Cleaner (com.scando.qukscanner)
17. Unicc QR Scanner (com.qrdscannerratedx)

Trend Micro said, “Dwdropper’s malicious payload belongs to the Octo malware family, a modular and multistage malware capable of stealing banking details, intercepting text messages and hijacking infected devices. Also known as Copper, and has been used historically to target Colombian online banking users.”