Google Under Fire for Unethical Layoffs and Executive Compensation Increase

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 6th May 2023: Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) has strongly condemned Google for its recent layoffs, calling them unethical.

The President of NITES, Harpreet Singh Saluja, expressed deep concern over the company’s actions in a recent statement, stating that Google has laid off workers while increasing the remuneration of its CEO, Sundar Pichai, from $6,322,599 to $225,985,145.

Salaries of other senior vice presidents have also been increased to $1,000,000 in 2022, representing an increase of almost 54%. Additionally, the company has announced a $70 billion stock buyback, which NITES believes is unjustifiable given the recent layoffs.

NITES is concerned that these actions demonstrate a complete disregard for the welfare of Google’s employees. The group finds it unacceptable that the company can lay off workers while increasing the salaries of its top executives and engaging in such large-scale stock buybacks. These actions by Google are not only unjust but also immoral, according to NITES.

The organization believes that it is the responsibility of the government to protect the rights of workers and ensure that they are not exploited by large corporations. NITES is looking forward to swift action by the government in this matter.

Google has not yet responded to these allegations. However, the company has faced criticism in the past for its treatment of workers, particularly those in contract and temporary positions. This recent controversy is likely to put further pressure on the company to address concerns about its labor practices.


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