Have you played Zomato Premier League yet? Over four million people have

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Play the first ever in-app gamification and win food rewards

New Delhi, 17th April 2019: Adding the love for food to the love for cricket, Zomato has introduced Zomato Premier League (ZPL) — a unique in-app gamification, that allows users to be cricket maestros. Every time users decide to have their food delivered to their doorsteps, they can now also predict the winner of that day’s match and win rewards if their prediction is right.

Everyone has a favourite team they cheer but choosing a favourite restaurant can be difficult. ZPL has over 50,000 restaurants that perfectly pair with the exciting cricket matches this season. Users can enjoy an assured 40% discount whenever they request delivery from these restaurants, play ZPL to predict the winner of the match and win an additional 30% cashback every time they predict correctly.

“For Indians, predicting the winner of a cricket match is time-honoured. With ZPL, we have added a fun element to this tradition by combining it with food rewards. Over four million people have played ZPL in the past three weeks and have collectively saved over eight crores so far while binging on their favourite food. This season is all about good food and thrilling performances and we plan to be the perfect match for both”, said Sandeep Anand, CMO, Food Delivery, Zomato.

ZPL has been live for over three weeks now and four million people have played it so far.
Here are some interesting nibbles from ZPL:

· The Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) on Monday15th April was legendary in two ways — Hardik Pandya’s performance and Zomato Premier League. Over 60,000 predictionswere made during this match with a majority rooting for MI

· Delhi NCR has made over 1 million predictions, the maximum so far

· While pizza is still amongst the favourites, North Indian cuisine is the perfect accompaniment to living room debates about who will win, while enjoying a cricket match.

· Two things Indians unite over: enjoying cricket and ordering Chinese food. Zomato’s stats indicate that users take less time to order Chinese food compared to any other cuisine, mainly because of the common love for Hakka noodles, Manchurian, Dimsumsand Chili Chicken