Healthy, active lifestyle crucial for effective management of diabetes On World Diabetes Day 2018, Lucknow witnesses an awareness walkathon

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Lucknow, India, November 14, 2018: As prevalence of diabetes is increasing rapidly in India, creating
awareness about effective management of this chronic disease has become critical. With an aim to
highlight the importance of physical activity in managing diabetes, an awareness walkathon was
organised in Lucknow on World Diabetes Day 2018, led by Dr. Manish Gutch, Endocrinologist,
R.M.L.I.M.S, which attracted huge participation Diabetes affects people of all age groups. India has close to 73 million adults living with diabetes and this number is continuously growing. Nearly 58% of these adults are undiagnosed. Further, it is estimated that one in every 12 adults in India has diabetes.

“Sedentary lifestyle has become a major reason for increasing number of people at risk of developing
diabetes. But people are unaware of this. It is the need of the hour to motivate people to adopt
healthy and active lifestyle. Initiatives like this walkathon, with participation of patients, healthcare
professionals and public at large, can help instigate discussions around prevention and effective
management of diabetes”, said Dr. Gutch.

The walkathon was supported by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as part of its efforts to create
awareness about early diagnosis and effective management of diabetes.

While there has been considerable improvement in overall diabetes care scenario, awareness about
importance and ways to manage diabetes is still low in most parts of the country. Regular physical
activity is of utmost importance for prevention and effective management of diabetes. In many cases,
diabetes can be prevented or delayed by just making a few positive lifestyle changes.

Even today, diabetes is considered to be only a disease of high blood sugar. There is low awareness of
the long term effects of high blood sugar such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and blindness.
Regular physical activity along with a balanced healthy diet can help in effective management of
diabetes and in some cases prevention of the disease as well.