Heatwave Relief: Maharashtra Schools Grant Attendance Concessions Amid Soaring Temperatures

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Pune, 20th April 2024: The Director of Primary and Secondary Education has put forward a proposal to the School Education Department, advocating for leniency towards students across all schools in the Maharashtra state amidst soaring temperatures. The proposal, duly considered, has been given the green light. Starting from next Monday, April 22, students will benefit from concessions regarding school attendance.

Tushar Mahajan, Deputy Secretary of the School Education Department, has issued directives to the Directors of Primary and Secondary Education, outlining the implementation of this relaxation on school attendance. With temperatures on the rise over the past few days, concerns have been mounting regarding the well-being of students. As a precautionary measure, students across all schools in the state are being granted exemptions from attending classes.

Furthermore, in cases where schools under other educational boards in the state continue regular operations or where significant educational activities are underway, the onus falls upon the school administration to make informed decisions regarding attendance concessions for students. It has been emphasized that both the Director of Primary Education and the Director of Secondary Education will ensure strict adherence to these instructions.

The move comes as a proactive measure to safeguard the health and well-being of students amidst the sweltering heatwave gripping the state. With the approval of this proposal, students can expect respite from the rigours of attendance requirements, allowing them to cope better with adverse weather conditions.