Hide Your Personal Messages On WhatsApp, Use Disappearing Message Feature Of App

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Pune, 23 June 2021: If you have personal messages on WhatsApp and would like to hide those chats from the world, then this news is for you. The disappearing feature of the app hides the messages on its own without deleting them. WhatsApp has named the feature as the Disappearing Messages features. In situations where someone else is using your phone, the feature can prove beneficial since after turning the feature on, no one will have access to your personal texts. 

This is how the feature works: You can send disappearing messages by turning on the ‘vanishing mode’ on WhatsApp. After the feature is turned on, the messages sent in the selected chats will disappear after seven days. Media files, audio files and other content in the chat will automatically disappear. This new feature is available for both personal chats and group chats. The option selected by you will affect all messages of the chats. Please note that the messages sent or received before turning on this feature will not disappear. 

Follow the below steps to turn on the Disappearing Messages Feature

Step 1: Open WhatsApp.

Step 2: Select the contact for which you want to turn on the Disappearing Message feature.

Step 3: Click on the name of the contact appearing at the top.

Step 4: After clicking on the name, the contact information will open. You will see the Disappearing Message feature above the encryption. Select the “turn on” option. 

Step 5: The Disappearing Message feature is now on. After 7 days of sending the message – media files will delete from the chat automatically. To deactivate the feature, follow the same procedure and select the “off” option. 

How to turn off the Disappearing Message feature 

Either of the two users of the chat can turn the feature off at any time. Messages sent in chat will not disappear after turning off the mode. To turn off the feature, follow these steps:

>>Open WhatsApp Chat

>>Tap on the contact name 

>> Tap on Disappearing Message 

>> If prompted, tap continue 

>> Select “off”