Hidoc Dr.’s “Collegedoc”- Assisting medical colleges in organizing their events seamlessly

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Pune, 16th August 2022: Great news for the medical students to end the tensions and worries for organizing medical conferences in your college. Hidoc Dr., the number one global doctor networking and medical learning platform has come up with its latest service of “Collegedoc” to help the medical students with all the technical support they need while organizing any event at their college. Starting from contacting domain professionals to all the technical processes like registration, payment gateway, analytics etc. will be provided from Hidoc Dr with end-to-end software solutions for the CME activities and events at an affordable cost.

The medical colleges often face a lot of negative circumstances while organizing the annual

conferences. They have to deal with a lot of activities like contacting the professionals, organizing all technical programs for the event, executing everything at a smooth pace and most importantly organizing everything within the budget often becomes challenging for them. Moreover, they need to spend lakhs of rupees in order to develop the website, getting tied up with the payment gateway and so on. Collegedoc from Hidoc Dr can help in easing the strain on medical students by providing them with a tailor-made package at a reasonable rate. This will not only help in saving the money of the respective college but also let them organize the events with more confidence and zero worries.

How Collegedoc will help the students in event organization?

Collegedoc will provide the following facilities that can help in meeting the software and technical needs of the events: 

Managing the budget of the event: 

  • Will provide a dedicated webpage which will have multiple template options for free, that can save 100% of the money on website development
  • The payment procedure is GST-free for convenience, thereby saving 5% on the registration fee 
  • Will provide a nominal payment gateway fee of 0.5% (which is about 5% by other gateways) that will help in further reduction in budget.

Therefore, such amazing offers will help the organizing committee to save almost 90% on the payment gateway fees alone.

Event organization:

Now comes the actual part where the college should invest their funds and help their students to upgrade themselves: 

  • Collegedoc will help in obtaining the right speakers with proper domain expertise for their events
  • Will assist in obtaining the right talent that can motivate the students
  • Collegedoc will help the college and the organizing committee to focus on student-centric activities rather than software development
  • In case of management, an updated list of registered attendees will be provided daily
  • A dedicated campaign manager will be assigned by Hidoc Dr who will assist in organizing the event.
  • HiDoc Dr. will provide a guest speaker for the conference

As HiDoc Dr. has already conducted two such successful events in 2022, Collegedoc will help in attending the same. Further, the company has a record of organizing 12 such events with a total of 6,000 registrations, and developing websites for 9 medical colleges till now. Therefore, the students are going to get a wholesome package of event organization within the budget without any hassle.

Do visit https://collegedoc.hidoc.co/ for more details about Collegedoc, and register yourself, Hidoc Dr would be happy to assist you with all the essentials for organizing the event successfully.