Historic Meeting Between Postal Agents and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

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New Delhi, 12th December 2023: Postal Agents and Agencies marked a historic moment by meeting with the Minister of Finance of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, at her office in the new Parliament House. This unprecedented gathering was made possible through the efforts of Raksha Nikhil Khadse, the Member of Parliament for Raver Jalgaon, and the guidance of PG Kulkarni, the chairman of the advisory committee of the National Small Saving Agents Association (NSSAA).

The genesis of this meeting can be traced back to the Jantar Mantar movement, where MP Khadse highlighted the challenges faced by Postal Agents to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Subsequently, the Prime Minister’s Office directed the Finance Minister to allocate time for a delegation of agents, leading to this momentous occasion.

The meeting, scheduled from 3 to 4 pm on 11th December, was a significant milestone as the Finance Minister herself extended the invitation for discussions. The delegation, led by MP Khadse, engaged in a comprehensive dialogue on the myriad issues confronting Postal Agents, including concerns about corruption at various levels affecting agent commissions.

Finance Minister Sitharaman dedicated an hour to the deliberations, addressing each topic in detail. The meeting included valuable insights and perspectives from the National President of NSSAA, P Bhattacharya, Chairman of the Advisory Committee PG Kulkarni, General Secretary Manoj Kumar Mishra, Assistant Secretary Milind Sane, and Bihar State President Om Narayan.

Today’s discussions were pivotal, providing a platform for the Finance Minister to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by postal agents and agencies. The positive feedback received from Finance Minister Sitharaman signals a constructive step towards addressing the concerns raised by the delegation.

In attendance, Manoj Kumar Mishra, General Secretary of NSSAA, expressed gratitude for the opportunity and underscored the importance of this historic meeting in shaping the future of postal agents and their contributions to the nation.