How many COVID patients in Pimpri Chinchwad? Huge difference in PCMC, District Health Officer reports

PCMC June 25 COVID status
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Sumit Singh

Pimpri, 26 June 2020: The number of COVID-19 cases in PCMC is increasing rapidly from the last 10 days and officials have different data records of the patients. It started on 20 June when Pune District Health Officer (DHO) report showed the highest of 381 cases in a single day in PCMC and total 1762 till 9 pm whereas PCMC showed only 106 cases and total 1715 till 7:25 pm. Final counts in both the reports have little difference but cases wise there were differences of 275 on 20 June 2020.


After three days, again more than 190 cases were missing in the PCMC report as compared with DHO report. On June 23, DHO showed 300 cases while PCMC showed 91 cases only. The total count as per DHO was 2227 but PCMC report showed it was 2037. This time it is not only a daily count difference only but total count difference was almost 190.


There are still differences of 103 cases as PCMC report showed a total of 2324 till 9 pm on 25 June (yesterday) while DHO showed 2427.


According to health department officials, there may be differences due to the timing of the reports but it can be a minor difference. However, DHO and PCMC officials are tight-lipped on the issue.


When contacted, DHO Dr Bhagwan Pawar said that his report is accurate and that we should coordinate with PCMC.


However, neither PCMC health officer Dr Pawan Salve nor Commissioner Shravan Hardikar responded to queries from on the issue. This report will be updated after getting their responses.