In the last two years BJP has only been juggling numbers: Anand Sharma

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Addressing a press conference, Congress Spokesperson Anand Sharama said, “ BJP held its National Executive meeting in Allahabad, where the Prime Minister characteristically indulged in self-praise and attacked the Opposition for being anti-Development,”
Sharma said, “It has been 2 years since the BJP came to power, but what has the BJP done to fulfil its promises? Today our nation’s path to progress is rocky. The BJP have only engaged in number jugglery. They can’t hide the fact that our economy is weak. They can’t change the reality.”
Sharma said, “The BJP promised 2 crore jobs a year. In 2 years, we were supposed to have 4 crore jobs. But, they managed a mere 1.4 lakh jobs. For 18 months our exports have been falling. We have lost $60 billion because of this decline.”
Sharma said, “This is not a notional loss, but a real one. The BJP are blaming the global economy. When the UPA faced the world economic meltdown, we doubled our exports. In East Asia and ASEAN countries, trade is in fact growing. The manufacturing-export sector at least 25 lakh jobs have been lost.”
Sharma said, “We trebled the per capita income in one decade. We quadrupled our GDP in one decade. We are the only major economy to have managed this.”
“IIP is again negative & Gross Capital Formation is down. Non-agriculture credit has fallen to a 20 yearr low. National Investment rate has fallen below the national saving rate. This shows how hollow the BJP’s claims are.”