Inauguration of Second Marathi Social Media Sammelan at Savitribai Phule Pune University

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Pune, April 29, 2022: “A large amount of content is now being created in Marathi, which is very promising,” said Madhura Bachal, of Madhura Recipes, a YouTube channel. The second Marathi Social Media Sammelan organized by Digital Media Premi Mandali, Savitribai Phule Pune University and Miracle Events was inaugurated today in a grand ceremony at Savitribai Phule Pune University Sports Complex. Dr. Nitin Karmalkar, Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. N. S. Umrani, Dr. Prafulla Pawar, Satish Magar, Suman Dhamne, Jayanti Waghdhare, Dr. Rajesh Pandey, Vinayak Raskar, Prasenjit Fadnavis, Pradeep Lokhande, Mangesh Wagh and Sameer Athalye were present on the occasion. Madhura Bachal whose YouTube channel has over 63 lakh followers said, “A few days ago, I used to feel like a nomad on social media. Now, a large amount of content is being created in Marathi, which is very exciting and hopeful.”


Dr. Nitin Karmalkar said, “We as a university have connected millions of students and others. This meeting will lead to a lot of discussion and awareness about social media.” Pradeep Lokhande said, “Social media has brought everyone to the same level. All of this is a great opportunity from a business point of view. It will help India to move forward in the world.” Mangesh Wagh gave introductory remarks about the concept of the Marathi Social Media Sammelan.


Following that, In the first session, Devata Chavan-Patil and Nitin Vaidya spoke about ‘Directions and Direction of Social Media’.


Patil said, “As the use of social media has increased, so has the research related to it. This includes research on behavioural changes due to the use of social media, consumer research, social media addiction, as well as natural disasters, political elections, social media movements, the role of social media in education and research on social media technology. Social media users have become increasingly prone to de-humanization, self-obsession, and the constant sharing of everything on social media, claiming to be celebrities.”


Vaidya said, “There are different ways of using social media to gain control over us. Fake news is a part of it. We have become products of social media. Before 2014, posts like heartbreaking incidents, successful incidents were being read more on social media, but after 2014, hate posts are being read more and it’s increasing. This is creating a social divide. When using social media, you should be careful not to fall prey to it.”

The session was moderated by Snehal Damle.


‘My Expression, My Impression’ was the topic of the third session, which had participants including Swamiraj Bhise, Dia Ostwal, Juhi Deshmukh and Dr. Mansi Bhat. All four participants shared their views on how social media is useful beyond expressing what role it plays. Dia Ostwal said, “Without this platform, it would be difficult for the new generation to express themselves. Social media is the right medium to express oneself.” Swamiraj said, “During COVID, social media was used extensively for social work. In the last two years, social media has come up with a lot of new things and it has been producing positive results.” Dr. Mansi Bhat said that social media is a medium for change. “Social media has an important role to play in raising awareness, providing new information and providing help to those in need.”


Juhi Deshmukh said that although social media is a big platform, it has some personal limitations. The joy of actually meeting, talking, discussing a topic is not entirely found on social media. So it is not possible to put everything on social media or find happiness in it.”

Mukul Joshi facilitated this session.