Increased Supply of Fruits and Vegetables Leads to Price Reduction in Pune Wholesale Market

Market Yard vegetable fruit
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Pune, 3rd September 2023: The wholesale market witnessed a surge in the arrival of fruits and vegetables on Sunday, thanks to recent rains, resulting in decreased prices for several commodities. Notably, green chillies, coarse chillies, cucumbers, papadis, and walvar all experienced a decline in prices. However, ginger prices saw an uptick due to reduced supply. Most other fruits and vegetables maintained stable prices.


On Sunday, September 3, a total of 125 truckloads of fruits and vegetables, sourced both from within the state and neighboring regions, arrived at the Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard in Gultekdi. This marked a significant increase compared to the previous week when the market received 100 to 110 truckloads. Traders attributed this boost in supply to recent rains, which played a pivotal role in reducing prices for the majority of fruits and vegetables.


Vilas Bhujbal, the head of the wholesale market, provided details on the arrivals, which included 14 to 15 tempos of green chillies from Karnataka and Gujarat, 4 to 5 tempos of cabbages from Karnataka, 5 to 6 tempos of shevagas from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, 5 to 6 tempos of ghewdas from Karnataka, 1 tempo of groundnut legumes from Gujarat, 7 to 8 tempos of carrots from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and 7 to 8 tempos of garlic from Gujarat. Additionally, 40 to 45 truckloads of potatoes arrived from Agra, Indore, and Pune.


The Pune division contributed significantly to the supply, delivering 600 to 700 sacks of Satari ginger. Other arrivals included 12 to 13 thousand boxes of tomatoes, 10 to 12 tempos of flowers, 4 to 5 tempos of cabbages, 8 to 10 tempos of peas from Purandar, Wai in Satara, 7 to 8 tempos of okra, 7 to 8 tempos of guar, 100 to 150 sacks of groundnut pods, 14 to 15 tempos of chillies, 10 tempos of cucumbers, 10 to 12 tempos of red pumpkins, and 70 to 80 trucks of onions.