Ind-IB: A Program of Coursework in International Business Theory and Methods For Research & Publication

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March 2, 2016: The AIB-India Chapter is delighted to announce a new initiative: Ind-IB! This program will provide doctoral students and faculty the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of key International Business (IB) theories and frameworks, create strong research linkages with IB scholars across India, and develop IB research agenda with the ongoing mentorship of senior academics experienced in publishing in international journals. Ind-IB will be appropriate for IB scholars, as well as those from other fields who are interested in undertaking IB research and would like to gain more exposure in the field.

Ind-IB will consist of three two-day intensive modules, each adjacent to a scheduled AIB-India Chapter event. The modules are scheduled for April 2016, December 2016 and April 2017, as mentioned below:

Timing Topic(s) Location
20th-21st April 2016 Current “Big Questions” in IB: Theory and Research Methods IIM Indore
December 2016* Internationalization of Large and Small Firms IIM Kozhikode
April 2017* Knowledge and Innovation in IB Symbiosis International University, Pune

* Specific dates will be announced. Ind-IB will be held immediately before or after the AIB-India PDW in December 2016 and the AIB-India Chapter Conference in April 2017.

 Participants are expected to attend all three of the modules – Ind-IB is designed to be a program, rather than a series of stand-alone courses. Each module will have assigned pre-reading, which participants are expected to have completed in advance of the opening session. There will be no registration fee associated with the Ind-IB modules, but participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Ind-IB modules will be delivered by specialist faculty from India and overseas. The lead faculty for the Ind-IB program are Professors Sumit Kundu (Florida International University, USA – AIB Vice President), Ram Mudambi (Temple University, USA – AIB Vice President), S. Raghunath (IIM Bangalore – AIB-India Chapter Chair), and Elizabeth Rose (University of Otago, New Zealand – former AIB Vice President). Additional faculty will be involved in lecturing and mentoring.

Enrolment in Ind-IB will be restricted to 30 participants. Applications should include the attached form and a one-page research summary/statement of purpose, and be submitted to Professor S. Raghunath, Corporate Strategy & Policy, IIMB ( by 25th March 2016. In the case of oversubscription, priority will be given to doctoral students and junior faculty.

Ind-IB offers the opportunity to develop a deeper insight into the field of International Business and generate thesis proposals/papers, while creating collegial networks within the IB community that offer strong potential for new and productive research collaborations.